Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Camping in Cloth.... a tent nonetheless.... without a toilet, running water, electricity....In ND our camping during the summer months is very important. So if you choose to cloth diaper, just know that taking those adorable diapers camping is realistic.

Here's what we packed:

- 4 GroVia AI2s (+1 we put on right before we left for the campsite)
- 1 Kawaii One Size Minky Pocket Diaper (double stuffed for her overnight)
- Our GroVia XL wetbag
- Cloth wipe container
- Thirsties Booty Luster wipes spray
-Each diaper had a diaper liner folded in it, rather than taking the whole roll.

Look how nicely everything fit in our bag....we were still able to fit PJs, bathing suit, swim diaper, and two changes of clothes.

So how difficult was it? Not any more difficult than cloth diapering at home. Not any more difficult than had I taken disposables. I hung the wetbag in the tent, and just tossed in the wipes and wet diapers after rolling them up and velcroing them like you would a disposable. But what about the poo diapers? I dealt with one, and the flushable liner is really what made this camping friendly. The "poo-ie" liner got tossed in a plastic bag, tied shut, and thrown in the garbage. Then the dirty diaper went straight to the wetbag. Easy peasy.

 Here is LB in her fluff hanging out in the tent.
Granted, we only camped one night, but I wouldn't imagine a whole weekend wouldn't be any more difficult as long as you were prepared with enough diapers. We will be going camping over Labor Day weekend...3 nights...I will blog about a longer trip upon our return.

Final verdict: Camping with cloth = very doable without much additional effort.


  1. Good to know. We have a two week trip coming up and I am going to attempt to CD...we'll see how that goes!

  2. Love this post! I've never camped with cloth but we take weekend trips away from home all the time and have had great success! I'm a new follower thanks to 29 Diapers blog hop! Feel free to visit me at