Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And I am....

Kari: Wife of a studly car salesman (woot woot Subaru), full time working mother of a beautiful 1 year old baby girl, daughter and sister of some pretty cool cats (my parents/broheim...not actual felines), and resident of the great state of North Dakota.

My husband started calling me "Granola" when I informed him we would be changing up how we did diapers at our house. While I am sure "Granola Mom" has certain connotations that include unshaven armpits and birkenstocks, I assure you, in this instance, for me and the mamas behind the beginning of this blog, being a Granola Mom means attempting to make healthier, "greener" choices for our families in a state where resources and support are limited. We shave our armpits...regularly...promise.

While living in ND provides a friendly, safe, clean environment in which to raise my family and I am beyond proud to live here, one of the downsides is a lack of resources when it comes to making "different choices" in parenting. When I was pregnant with Baby La, cloth diapering never crossed my mind. I wish I had had a friend to point me in that direction or at least wish I had known some people who CD'd (cloth diapered). I was left with sorting through the internet...which got me where I am today. We love cloth diapering at our house (admittedly I more than the Hubs)and I have realized that I want to be "that friend" to other moms. I want people to know how cool and doable cloth diapering is...even in ND. Yes, we have to order most diapers online, but there are some GREAT WAHM (work at home mom) run online stores that make buying diapers as easy as if you were buying them at at Target.

So here I am...to chat all things cloth diapers, bfeeding, homemade babyfood making, frugal and/or green living...and provide a support/info providing system to those who need it (hopefully all kinds of ND mommies!).

Please note I am not here to shove cloth diapering down your throat...and for the love of pete I do not think you are a bad parent for choosing not to cloth diaper...or not to breastfeed...The goal here is to just to let you know your options and help you out along the way. Certain people's granola has "more crunch" than others....I just hope to help you find a level that is right for you.

Shout it out if you have specific questions. Questions will only help provide a greater compendium (what an awesome word) of information.

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