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You have all your cute fluff....but what else do you need to make this venture work?


Diaper Pail: There are "cloth diaper pails" you can purchase, but to make it work in ND, we went to Target and bought this garbage can for $10. It works wonderfully. This is a "dry pail" system that involves a pail liner and just dropping the diapers in. When you are ready to wash the diapers you just throw everything (diapers, inserts, and pail liner) in the wash. The diapers do not need to be soaked before washing. You also have the option of using a hanging wet bag instead of a pail.

Pail liners: You can use extra large wetbags or cloth diaper pail liners. It is best to have at least two so you have one to use while the other is in the wash. Again, to make it work in ND we purchased two laundry bags at Target (pictured, $4 a piece). We also have a GroVia large wetbag that is much more waterproof. We like all 3. Again, when you are ready to wash your diapers, take the "bag" to the laundry room and dump it all in.

Cloth Wipes: You can also use disposable wipes, but I have personally found it is more of an inconvenience to keep disposable wipes and cloth diapers separate so we switched to cloth wipes. That way, everything gets thrown in your diaper pail for the wash. BONUS: another money saver! 24 wipes is a good number to have on hand. You simply spray the wipes with water or wipes solution and they are just as effective (if not more) than disposable wipes. You can also soak your cloth wipes in water or wipes solution, but the water should be changed daily. Flannel wipes are common, but other materials are available. You can sew your own to save even more cash. Another cost effective option is using baby washcloths.

CD Friendly Diaper Rash Balm: Cloth diapers significantly cut down on diaper rash, but if it does happen, you need to make sure you have a cream that is diaper friendly. Grandma El's, Earth Mama Angel Baby, and GroVia Magic Stick are all formulated specifically for use with cloth diapers. California Baby is another option that is available at Target. There are others you can use such as Lansinoh Rash Ointment and A&D Zinc Oxide with a fleece or disposable liner. Using non diaper friendly rash cream can cause your diapers to repell moisture and leak. On the DO NOT use list are: A&D Original, Desitin, and Bourdeaux's Butt Paste, and Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment.

CD Friendly Laundry Detergent: This is VERY important. Most detergents have enzymes in them which is not good for your cloth diapers or baby's lil bum. Using detergents with enzymes, dye, and other nasties can lead to buildup and stinkies in your diapers and severly affect their "function" (i.e. absorbancy). We use a homemade mix at our house and are currently testing Lulu's in the Fluff Glamour Wash which are specificially for cloth diapers. We also use Arm & Hammer Essentials Free for our other laundry to keep our washer clean of other detergent "nasties". All Free & Clear and Purex Free and clear are options available at local grocery stores and supercenters.

Wetbag: You have to have somewhere to put your soiled diapers when on the go to keep the smell and moisture in. They are also useful when using cloth at daycare. Wetbags come in a variety of sizes with different closure options. Most people prefer wetbags that have a zippered closure. Planetwise are notoriously quality wetbags. We have an Itsy Ritzy Wet Happened (pictured) bag that I ordered during one of our orders which is also nice. They are also great for wet swim diapers and other items.

Nice to Have:
(these items are optional, but make life a little easier)

Flushable Liners: These allow for moisture to pass through to the diaper but "catch the poo", making clean-up just a litte easier. After a diaper change, the liner simply hits the toilet with the poo. We use Bambino Mio liners and they are wonderful.

Diaper Sprayer: These are like kitchen sink sprayers, but attach to your toilet water line and are used to help rinse the poo off a soiled diaper. We do not have one. I am looking into a DIY project....more to follow on that. There are several name brands on the market you can buy. If the poo idea grosses you out, this may be a good "invest for success" option. There are mothers I know that claim this to be the best $30 CD investment ever.

Snappis: No more pins for prefolds. Snappis just make it easier. Plain and simple.

Pail Freshener: Now I can't consider this an essential, because you can get by without it. But pail freshener sure is NICE to have. We have Citrus Circles Diaper Pail Deoderizers which are disks that you just drop in your diaper pail and last up to 4 weeks. We also have Arm & Hammer deoderizers that I found at Target in the baby section. There are also a variety of powder fresheners you can order.

When you do any online shopping you will find more "nice to have" accessories. Purchase at your leasure if you think it is going to help your cloth diapering experience.

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